Personal Radiation Detector


Personal Radiation Detector - PM1703GNA-II MBT

As well as previous well-known modifications of PRD PM1703 Series, PM1703GNA-II MBT continuously monitors the environment for radiation, evaluates personal Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) of gamma raiation, measures the current value of DE and alert the user with a visual, audio and/or vibrating alarm if a radiation source is detected. The readings of the instrument are displayed in counts per second for both neutron and gamma detectors and the search algorithm based on background calibration is used. The Instrument has “Mode 0…9” , which is designed to display the current level of gamma radiation background in the form of digits from 0 to 9. Instrument is equipped with 6LiF/ZnS-screen based neutron detector, which complies with ANSI N42.32-2016 requirements.