Automated Information System for Radiation Monitoring (AISRM) "Katrin"

Ecoprogress International Ltd. performs real time measurements of the gamma background on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria through the Automated Information System for Radiation Monitoring (AISRM) "Katrin"
The construction of the System started in 2009 pursuant to the provisions of Art. 15 of the „Regulation for conditions and order for determination of special-status areas around the nuclear facilities and radiation sources“.
Initially AISRM is established in 14 populated areas within 30-kilometer monitored area of Kozloduy NPP EAD and as a result of that an Agreement Protocol has been signed between the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Kozloduy NPP EAD and Ecoprogress International LTD. for its upgrade with Local Measuring Station (LMS). It is also located in some other populated areas on the territory of the country and their number grows continuously.
LMS owners could be both state and municipal structure as well as private companies and natural persons. Depending on the client's request Ecoprogress International Ltd. executes manufacturing, installation and commissioning and connects “Katrin” System with the Local Measuring Stations complying with the specific of the activity and requirements of each customer.
The structure of AISRM is hierarchic, centralized, with one control and monitoring center (CMC) and certain number of work places. The information exchange between LMS and CMC is executed by data transfer via Internet with the means of GPRS, LAN or satellite connection.
LMS is a stationary device for receiving and transmission of data from random populated area through the monitoring information system with positioning and control options. For measurement of the equivalent gamma radiation dose in the air a smart gamma-detector with a big range is used. The data are visualized on the radiation information board RIT-1 "Katrin" with contrasted lighting symbols allowing monitoring at 100 m distance. Within a minute the indications of gamma-background, air temperature and astronomic time follow.
The whole information transfered from LMS is sent directly to the communication server. System reference module provides detailed references based on the data about the measured parameters for random selected period of time, for certain objects and criteria for the status and measured value in the object.
The Automated Information System for Radiation Monitoring "Katrin" provides real time data about the radiation condition on the territory of Bulgaria to the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Kozloduy NPP and competent state authorities. Also, the LMS owners have access to their measurement region.
Data about the condition of gamma background in the points of “Katrin” System are available in the bulletin of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency on website:

AISRM - "Katrin"