Hand Held Dosimeters Radiometers

Dosimeter / radiometer - DKS-96

Dosimeter / radiometer


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Popular dosimeter / radiometer distinguished by its reliability and a wide choice of detectors suitable for all main applications of dosimetry and radiometry. As a result of modernization in 2008, the DKS-96 was equipped with a large graphic display, improved software and wide service functionality (see “features”). Two models of the DKS-96 control unit are available – UIK-05 and UIK-06.
X-RAY and Gamma Radiation Dosimeters - AT1121, AT1123

X-RAY and Gamma Radiation Dosimeters

AT1121, AT1123

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Portable multifunctional wide-range instruments for continuous, short-term and pulsed X and gamma radiation dosimetry.
Dosimeters - AT2140, AT2140A, AT2140A/1

 Measurement of X-ray and gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate.

Dosimeter - DKG-09D



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Highly sensitive gamma radiation dosimeter

X-ray Radiation Dosimeter - AT1103M

X-ray Radiation Dosimeter


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 Measurement of continuous gamma and X-ray radiation directional dose equivalent and directional dose equivalent rate.
Unique highly-sensitive device for controlling radiation dose on the eye lens, mucous membranes and skin
Spectrum display when connected to a PC
Not intended for natural background measurement