Radiation Portal Monitors

Automated fixed radiation portal monitors are considered to be the first measure to prevent the illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials. These monitors are designed for the monitoring of the pedestrians, trucks, cars, trains, etc. Polimaster's fixed radiation portal monitors exceed performance of the competitor’s products by many parameters. They meet not only international requirements, such as ITRAP, but also the specialized standards of many countries, including the American ASTM and the Russian GOST-R standards. The monitors are equipped with gamma and neutron detectors, video monitoring system, pager and computer communication system responsible for radiation monitoring. These features make it possible to detect even the smallest ionizing radiation sources as well as keep records of all events related to the sources trafficked across any controlled area. The distinctive feature of Polimaster's monitors is their modular design. The monitor can have variable number of detectors to meet customer requirements for sensitivity, height and width of the monitoring area. Such design enables the operator to set up a monitor configuration customized to the specifics of the installation site, enabling the range of possible applications from small pedestrian monitors to huge, highly-sensitive railway monitors. All radiation monitors can be integrated into a network controlled by a central PC with further integration into higher level networks controlled by a Remote Expert Center. This networked capability allows : Centralized remote diagnostics and monitoring of the radiation portal monitor; Increased efficiency of Customs and Border Protection Services working in a radiation monitoring of the area; Prompt information about the status of the radiation monitoring at customs checkpoints, including possible terrorist acts, threats to the populace and/or the environment; Gathering and analysis of the information about the functionality and performance of the radiation control equipment; Automated reports showing the results of the monitoring activities. Railway Highly sensitive family of radiation portal monitors to monitor a railway line. The portal monitors detect even slightest traces of the hidden radioactive materials and locate a car with radioactive substances. The radiation portal monitors of PM5000A series designed for use in the harsh environment and can be used in extreme climate conditions. Vechicle Gamma, neutron and gamma-neutron family of radiation portal monitors for search for radioactive and nuclear materials in trucks and cars. The vehicle portal monitors can be equipped with video monitoring system to record the image of a car, that triggered the alarm of the monitor. Pedestrian The main task of the pedestrian portal monitors is combating illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials through state borders or from/to limited access areas. Polimaster offers pedestrian portal monitors of different configuration and sensitivity to fulfill wide range of customer’s needs.



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 Is used at PEDESTRIAN and POST/BAGGAGE checkpoints